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Hi I’m Maddy Petz, the creator of Petz Pantry and all of its cakes and bakes!  Although I majored in Dance at Wayne State University, I’ve always had a love for baking and decorating desserts of all kinds.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that I have creativity and sugar running through my veins.  With an attention to detail and quality, and a personal mission to find the fun in everyday life, baking has become a beautiful creative outlet and way to service my community.  If I could think of one activity that never fails to make me happy, it’s eating; eating sweets to be more specific!  I am overjoyed at the opportunity to bring customized desserts to the public, and give others the same happiness I experience when snacking on my favorite confections. While I still love to dance, make art, exercise, and spend time with loved ones, I am committed to transforming this little baking hobby of mine into a business.    




Maddy Petz, Founder and Baker

Petz Pantry is here to deliver life's sweetest moments!  Unlike most bakeries, all of Petz Pantry's bakes are completed on a made to order basis.  This is to ensure that every creation is customized to your needs. My purpose is to give you a product that is one of a kind, just like you and your celebration!


I highly recommend Petz Pantry! Maddy is so talented and will make whatever you ask, or if you need some nspiration, she'd be happy to suggest some favorites.  the cakes I ordered, were both delicious and beautifully decorated.  I've heard fabulous reviews of her sour cream donuts, but I can't wait to order a pie next!! Treat won't be sorry!

Chris Austin

Petz Pantry is my GO-TO for all things sweet in Detroit! I have ordered several things from Maddy: cakes, cookies, and more.  Maddy has such a versatile sill set and customizes all orders to YOUR wants and needs! She made a fantastic carrot cake for my birthday, a raspberry chocolate cake for my sister's birthday, and the BEST pumpkin cookies for Thanksgiving.  My other favorites include sugar cookies with frosting, and snickerdoodle flavored cake. Whatever you have in mind, Maddy will bring your visions to life with the highest degree of professionalism and care.

Anna Connolly 

Petz Pantry offers customized treats in whichever flavors your heart desires.  I have had the pleasure of trying two different cakes baked by Maddy. Her chocolate peanut butter cake had a rich creamy chocolate frosting with peanut butter swirls and Reese's.  The cake itself was moist to bite into.  When requesting a heart cake for Valentine's, I asked Maddy to bake a lemon poppyseed cake with lemon cream cheese frosting.  The bright and refreshing flavors were complemented with detailed decorations such as golden dusted black berries and an abstract pink frosting design.  Maddy's quality ingredients, attention to detail, ability to customize, and timely order fulfillment makes Petz Pantry a top choice in baked goods and pastries.  

Ramona Stamatin

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