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Custom Cakes and Bakes

All desserts are made to order, and very customizable.  Before placing an order, please consider the following.


For custom cakes...


What is your desired cake and frosting combo?


How do you want your cake to look? Feel free to gather inspirational images.

Serving Size

How many people does your cake need to feed? Do you know how many layers or tiers you would like?


When do you need your cake?  It is recommended to provide at least 1 weeks notice, however orders can be placed up to 3 days in advance unless otherwise specified. 

For other custom bakes...


What type of dessert do you want? Chocolate chip cookies? Apple Pie? Cinnamon rolls? 


Serving Size

How many dozen would you like (if applicable)? How many people do you need to accommodate?

To Place An Order...

Head to the contact page and write an inquiry including all of the necessary info (discussed above) in your order request.  I will respond as quickly as possible with a pricing quote for your custom order, as well as answers to any questions you may have.   In order to confirm your order, I will ask that you submit a deposit. I accept cash, venmo and cashapp for payments. 

Can't decide what you want? Have questions or need suggestions? 

Set up a consultation! Contact me with times you are available, and I'll find a moment to chat with you so we can figure it out together. (Some things are just easier to talk out!)


Pick up is available in West Village Detroit.  

Address/meeting point provided after your order is confirmed.  While pick up is preferred, delivery is available for a small fee.  


Don't see any pricing? 

You're right, it's not here.  This is because all of my desserts are custom, and in result have several pricing variables.  Place an inquiry in the contact section and I will give you a pricing quote.  Thank you for understanding!

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