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What cake flavors do you offer?

While i can generally make most any flavor requested, here is a list of popular cake flavors I make!


  • chocolate

  • white

  • yellow

  • red velvet

  • cherry chip 

  • carrot cake 

  • lemon 


Please refer to my instagram/facebook for more inspiration!


  • chocolate buttercream

  • vanilla buttercream

  • almond buttercream

  • cream cheese buttercream

  • oreo buttercream

  • peanut butter buttercream

  • coconut buttercream

  • strawberries and cream 

What size cake should I order?

My most popular cake sizes are 8'' and 9'' rounds, with two to three cake layers.  These sizes will generally produce 15-30 servings and usually are priced around $50-$60 for reference.  The answer to this question depends on how many people you need to feed, how big/tall you would like it to look, and your price range.  


Do you offer vegan and/or gluten free options? 

Yes! Everything I make is custom, meaning I will cater to YOUR needs.  I will work with any dietary accommodations necessary for you to enjoy!

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